Sisel International Distributors

Hi and welcome to my favorite hangout.  Where all Sisel International Distributors can come here to share ideas, vent, get inspiration, or just meet other like minded reps that are part of this amazing company!

I actually just set this up, so bare with me the website will be a work in progress.  I first wanted to start this new site out by sharing a little bit of my story as a rep.

Sisel International Distributors welcome!

So I got started not too long ago and became very excited about the possibilities almost immediately!

I saw the potential in not only the products, but also in the opportunity and I could not wait to get started.  But then I realized, it was much harder than I thought…

That’s how easy it seemed to me, but really there was more work that was needed to be done.

Sisel International DistributorsThis was early fall, so as much as I’d like to have gone outside to enjoy the weather, I kept my head down and worked my butt off.

I learned how to use internet marketing strategies to help with my business, and very quickly things started to take off.  As you can imagine, I was very excited.  And once I learned I was onto something, I was officially on a mission to help all the other Sisel International Distributors out there in the world.

I mean seriously, why keep a good thing away from the people?  Am I right?

But there was a problem… Many people thought that this was just as exciting as I think it is.  But none of them are willing to do the work!

They all think they can just make this happen with little to no effort and treat these internet marketing strategies just like the how many perceive the warm market strategies to be get rich quick.

It is NOT!  It involves a ton of work!  The guy who introduced this all to me really laid it all out and describes this problem best at five star lead pro.

It is an incredible resource, and if you want to be given the training, the tools, and the resources to help your Sisel International Distributors succeed, then I would highly recommend you check out his site!

Come back soon for more info, because I will be building this for other reps to engage as a Sisel community.  Talk soon!